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Our Demos can easily be imported with one click and they are all build with Visual Composer

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Our theme is full of fantastic features, let's introduce you to some of them.

We created a unique and innovative system that give you freedom to build your Home Page.

With our blocks system you can build any Home Page as your site grows.

No more fixed-layouts to which you can’t introduce new content where you want to. With our theme, you can create a new block and select where you want to insert it.


What is a block?

Blocks are a combination of several elements created by you using the visual composer.

Where can I use it?

Blocks are used to build the home page, you can add blocks before and after the post feed.

How they are created?

Blocks are created as a post / page where you can use the visual composer elements.

Pre-made blocks Soon

All demos come already with blocks, nevertheless we want to create a library for you to use freely.

Image Image
Image Image

Our Home Page is a combination of blocks tha can be added before and after the articles feed.

Before the feed

This section is perfect to feature your latest articles, promote your latest book, add an introduction to your blog or basically anything that you consider important to your users.

Sidebar Position

You can choose to place the sidebar on the right or left side or even remove it completely.

Sticky Widget

Stick the last widget to the top of the site while the user scrolls the page.

Feed Grid

In our grid you can choose between 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns to list the articles.

Images Height

You can set the images to a fixed height or use the original height.

After the Feed

This section is perfect to add featured articles, newsletter forms, promote events or add more information about you. Whenever you need to add new content, just create a block and add it.


Our bookmarks system allows you to save any post to read later.

With just one click the post is saved, very easy to use and does not require the creation of an account.

All posts are saved in the browser and that means the user doesn’t need to create an account. However, during the next updates we will be adding the account creation option and that means the bookmarks will stay saved in all users devices.

Sidebar Widgets

With our extra widgets you will be able to build your sidebar easily and quickly.

In addition to the native widgets we added the ones that will allow you to improve your sidebar. And more will come soon.

Author Profile

Shows author profile.

Facebook | Follow Button

Add a follow button.

Facebook | Page Feed

Show your facebook page feed.

Image Banner

Simple Image Banner.

Instagram Feed

Shows last instagram images.


Add a Newsletter form.

Selected Posts

Select posts to show.

Social Icons

Add your social networks.

Image Image
Header & Sticky Menu

We have two different menus - the Header Menu and Sticky Menu that appears when we scroll the page.

Header Menu

Posts list from Category

This option will show the latest posts within the selected category.

Sub Menu

A simple and elegant sub-menu.


Sticky Menu


Shows the open article

On the top menu we can see the open post and the progress of what we have already seen from the post

Next & previous posts

Using this menu we can navigate between the next and previous post.

Mobile Version

Our Mobile version is more than responsive, it's almost a native app.

Fully Responsive

The layout reflows beautifully to any screen size, so it looks great from phones, to tablets, to 4k displays to TVs.

HTML Optimization

We have removed all the HTML that is not being used in the mobile version. This way we can reduce the loading time and data.

Mobile Menu

We created a totally different menu in order to adapt to the specific characteristics of a mobile version.


AMP Support

The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) provide mobile optimized content that can load instantly everywhere.

Mobile Web App

By adding the site to the home screen it will open in full screen without the url bar or browser buttons.

Home Screen Icon

Customize the icon that appears in the home screen in a fast and simple way.

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Customize our theme is easy and quick.

Using our customizer options, you can see the changes in real time before you publish them.


Customizer Options

All the options needed to customize the theme are concentrated in one place so that you can customize the theme to your liking.

Easy to setup

Setting up the theme takes less than 5 minutes, without needing any technical knowledge.


Theme Setup

Setting up our theme is easy and fast and it will not take you longer than 2 minutes.

Demo Import

We create an advanced system that will allow you to import any demo with just one click.

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